2021 Halloween Endless Boss - 1000+

First, video from 1000+:

(I was recording a few rooms at a time due to low space, seem to have missed 1005-1010… there was a recording that failed due to lack of space, perhaps it was these rooms)
By this time I had used up the ad-revive (at room 867) and Sisu, but the necro had recharged and I could’ve used a Free Revive token as well, but decided to suicide and go to sleep (mainly because I mistakenly thought the event was ending at UTC midnight (05:30 for me), but probably just as well so I didn’t spend my Monday morning playing further!)

This was the perk build:

This is probably the easiest endless event to get a good build because several regular perks are absent (never saw any of the Death perks, Zap, LifeSteal, Shrapnel and Frag Bullets, Crafter, Hitmark or Headshot in multiple runs) and maybe also the special perks in the Dark Castle (Triple Multishot, Quad Barrel, Acro Circus, Healing Flames, Healing Toxins) are missing too - but as they are all rare it may just be that I never encountered them in my runs.

As in the endless events, SuperHoming + Ghost is the make-or-break combo, although SuperHoming + Bouncy is quite good too. Sustained Fire + Time Stop + Bullet time + Focus shots mean you can kill many bosses without having to move at all, or in some cases just move once to take cover.

In this run I also had Dividing shots (chain itself is only useful for the bosses that spawn), Dimensional Shots (not sure if it actually helped, because even without it the shots seem to curve back) and Shield ward (not useful for attack, but extends the duration of safety bubble)

Few other observations:

  • Max. player levels is 25 - I reached that at 667 and after that the line doesn’t fill up at all (for the record, 24 was @ 402, 23 @ 268, 22 @ 132, 21 @ 104). So, many of the perks were either purchased from the merchant or from Hidden Treasures
  • When suiciding, I took 71,332 melee damage. If we assume 33 counts of Defense +80 from mystery crates (not all angel rooms had them, so it was probably less), and adjusting for 1 Heavy Armour perk, and my Melee Resistance permanent upgrade, the boss was dealing ~87k damage
  • Angel perks cap applies, so latest by Room 195 you will get Sisu
  • The Autogun is definitely the best if you can get past 200 - it benefits the most from the +150 Attack from Mystery Crates and Focus Shots and there’s less chances of lag compared to Endless events / Dark Castle. For lower runs (100-200?) the Plasma is quite good too, but the Blast doesn’t increase as you get stronger (at least 4 Small Attack Up, Power Tripper/Berserk, and the +150 attacks) so it’s less useful later on.
  • It takes about 40 rooms to recharge the Necro (lost at 763, regained 804; 810 - 849; 864 - ?? (noticed it was back by 926); 964-991)
  • Wondering if Improved Ice has disappeared - got Ice fairly early but was never offered it, and haven’t seen it on any of the other Endless boss / Dark Castle runs either (last time I saw it for sure was in the last Endless event)
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