Devastator's Trail

The Devastator’s Trail lasts 2.5~3 seconds and deals 32% of the damage of your regular shot (see Damage per Shot for details) with some exceptions:

  • Haven’t tested Berserk and Focus Shots but presume they don’t apply (because they don’t for Shrapnel and Prospero’s Magic Bullet which use a similar mechanism)
  • I haven’t tested Power Tripper; but since it works for Magic Bullet it might work here too
  • Haven’t seen Critical Chance in my limited testing
  • Double/Triple barrel penalties don’t apply (probably because it’s simpler to not have separate calculations based on whether it was the forward shot/s or spread shots that generated the trail)

Note that shots bouncing off walls don’t leave a trail; haven’t tested for chain/dividing shots yet so if you are using it please let me know how it works.