Damage per Shot

Your Damage per Shot is your Weapon-specific Base Damage modified by the following:

  • Battle Pass attack bonuses: 0%, +2%, +6% (i.e. 2% + 4%), or +12% (2% + 4% + 6%)

  • +30% if you have the Elemental Hero to match the Event/Castle

  • Most attack perks (note the last two are penalties):

    • Attack Up (Small +15% each, Big +30% each)
    • GunHeart (+15%)
    • Fast Shots (+15%)
    • Power Tripper if at full health (+45%)
    • Shotgun if within range (+40%)
    • Double Barrel -30% / Triple Barrel -40% (both only on your forward shot/s)
    • Multishot -10% / Triple Multishot -20% (all shots)
  • Now the enemy specific damage:

    • Add bonuses for Flying/Ground enemies from promoting heroes (e.g. Blazia at Level 20 gives +5% for ground)
    • Add Gear Damage (Flying / Ground / Melee / Ranged, as applicable)
  • Then any Attack Bonuses from crates (e.g. World 9 gives you +120)

  • I’m not quite sure where Berserk fits but I think the multiplier comes into effect here

  • And then add the Focus Shots bonus

Now you have the damage caused by a direct hit. Indirect Hits: Piercing, Chain, Dividing, Bouncy Walls and Boomerang details how the indirect shots work

If your shot goes critical (random chance or hero skill) the damage will be doubled (or more if you have bonuses) and will show in yellow rather than white

Somewhere in this there are the hero specific bonuses, e.g.

  • Blazia’s Wrath
  • Frostina: I suspect the bonus has a linear relationship to the distance (e.g. if a shot that travels X distance gives Y bonus, a shot that travels 2X will give 2Y), but it’s going to be tricky to verify that, and without that it’s going to be almost impossible to figure out what bonuses are included/excluded in it


  1. All numbers are reverse-engineered and might be off a fraction; e.g. Plasma might be x1.599
  2. Numbers, and even algorithms, could be changed in future upgrades