Prospero's Magic Bullet

Every hit (direct or indirect) on an enemy generates a Magic Bullet that will hit a maximum of 4 times

Similar to Shrapnel, the damage is a percentage of your regular shot (see Damage per Shot) as follows

  • First hit, 17% rounded up
  • 2nd hit, 17% of the First hit, rounded up
  • 3rd hit, 17% of the 2nd hit, rounded up
  • 4th hit, 17% of the 3rd hit, rounded up

Some notes:

  • I had earlier listed different numbers; seems for Daily events it’s different: 17%, 10.172%, ~10%, ~10%.
  • Only the first hit does significant damage - the cumulative damage is +17% + 2.89% + 0.49% + 0.08% = 20.46% (maybe fractionally more because of the rounding up)
  • The magic bullets trigger elemental damage, so they stack well with ice, zap, fire and poison (and presumably also their improved versions) (thanks @pringlestuna for spotting this)
  • Ghosting (going through barriers) doesn’t reduce damage
  • Berserk applies
  • Power Tripper does apply; at least if you start the room with full health and maintain it. I’m not sure what happens if you lose it mid-room and/or regain it from Life Steal / Health kits
  • Critical Chance can trigger
  • Double/Triple barrel penalties don’t apply (probably because it’s simpler to not have separate calculations based on whether it was the forward shot/s or spread shots that generated the magic bullet)
  • It doesn’t matter what kind of enemy generated the magic bullet (e.g. magic bullets from a Ground Melee is the same as one from a Flying Ranged), only what kind of enemy is hit by it
  • Because even indirect hits give the same power Magic bullets, this works really well with piercing and chains shots.
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Magic bullet seems to also trigger most on hit effects, such as ice shot and zap shot. The only exception I’ve found is Shrapnel shots, which magic bullet does NOT trigger.

Since secondary hits create magic bullets, zap/ice shots become quite strong when combined with perks such as chain shots and piercing.

Magic bullets are also effected by the suppressive fire talent, which is incredibly useful for endless runs where the talent triggers frequently.

Thanks for this - I checked it and it triggers elemental damage (so not only ice and zap but also fire and poison) and have updated the description.

Will review if the magic bullets themselves activate suppressive fire

Magic bullets where triggering shrapnel shots for me today, however I’m certain they didn’t use to when I first did some testing on prospero. If your phone can handle it piercing shrapnels is quite strong.

It’s possible they trigger headshot and other on-hit effects.