Mortis’ Plague Cloud

In-game description

Shooting enemies occasionally spawns a clouds that damage plus poisons enemies and heal Mortis.



Plague Cloud’s damage component is divided into two parts: Direct damage and Poison Effect.

  • The Direct Damage is equal to 100% of the hero’s Loadout Attack, immediately when the enemy enters the cloud. Some enemies will get damaged multiple times if they stay inside the cloud, but the mechanics are still unclear.

  • The Poison Effect is exactly the same as Poison Shots. It does not stack with itself, nor Poison Shots. Not tested with Improved Poison Shots yet.

Like other perks/passives based on Loadout Attack, it is not improved by other perks, gear, or Hero Level bonuses



Plague Cloud also heals Mortis for 1% of Max Health every 0.4 seconds, while he remains inside it.

The cloud lasts for 7 seconds, healing for a maximum of 16 times over that duration.

Increasing Max Health and/or Healing bonuses (see Health and Healing for details) will improve the healing effect.



Plague Cloud has a ~4% chance to spawn every time an enemy is hit by Mortis’ projectiles, including shrapnel.

It spawns centered on the enemy hitbox which triggered it.