Hero Passive - Weapon Interactions

Two of the most common questions players ask is “Which hero is better?” and “Which weapon is better?”

Having a go at answering this requires (among other things) an understanding of Hero Passive Skills interact with the Weapons:

Hero Skill Advantaged Weapons Disadvantaged Weapons
Mr. Autofire None None None
Dr. Toxic Venom Shots Piercing of Looper and Laser Rifle will get enemies poisoned faster Gemini Laser (*2)
Frostina Snowball Piercing of Looper and Laser Rifle means shots will reach further (often the end of the room), and only need Bouncy Walls to get the full benefit Gemini Laser (*2)
Plasma / Devastator / Nuclear - Blast / Trail / Lasso does not Snowball
Blazia Wrath Autogun and Looper - more chances of saving a shot on mobs (with bosses will save 1 in 7 shots with any gun) Gemini Laser (*2)
Plasma Cannon / Devastator / Nuclear - Blast / Trail / Lasso damage doesn’t improve with Wrath
Arctor Freeze SMG, Autogun and Looper will freeze (and refreeze) enemies faster (~0.7 seconds for SMG, ~0.8 seconds for autogun, Looper a bit slower at ~1.3 seconds but compensated by piercing which can freeze several enemies at once).
Note that the timing is improved by Nimble Hands, level bonuses (hero specific and Firebug’s 2% at 50), speed perks, indirect hits (chain shots, bouncy walls), BattlePass, etc, but the relative advantage will be the same compared to the slowe guns (Blaster (1.9s), Plasma (3.0s), Gemini (3.3s), Laser Rifle (4.3s), Devastator (4.6s))
Gemini Laser (*2)
Scorcher Stress Shot None None (unless shooting speed is capped, which some players have reported - in which case the SMG and autogun would be disadvantaged)
Miasma Absorb None None
Armorita Gravity Well None None
Firebug Fiery Wings None Because the game uses a lazy calculation, whether small jumps trigger Fiery wings for slow guns may depend on when you jump (needs more analysis to confirm)
Fursus Iceplosion Looper, SMG and Autogun (*1) Gemini Laser (*2)
Hocus Focus Clairvoyance None None
Hecate Magic Bubble None None - but wonder if the Laser Rifle recoil can lead you to falling off the bubble
Jackbot Jackpot Looper, SMG and Autogun (*1) Gemini Laser (*2)
Mortis Plague Cloud Looper, SMG and Autogun (*1) Gemini Laser (*2)
Prospero Magic Bullets Looper and Laser - even the weakened Pierced shots trigger full-strength Magic Bullets Gemini Laser (*2)
Mrs. Surefire Crowd Control None None

*1 - All of these are hit based proc’s, and are more likely to trigger when having a large number of weak shots than a small number of powerful shots. SMG has the highest firing rate (followed by Autogun) but Looper’s effective hit rate is typically higher becuase you start with Piercing. The pierced shot has less power but this doesn’t effect the chances of the proc nor the impact of it

*2 - The Gemini Laser’s link doesn’t trigger any of the passive skills. (Confession - I’ve only tested Dr. Toxic and Prospero, where I don’t have to deal with randomness; but as the link doesn’t count as a hit for these two, I am presuming it is the same for others as well)

Note: For completeness, would need to analyze how Blast Shots (in Dr. Toxic / Scorcher skill trees) and Suppressive fire (Mortis, Prospero, Mrs. Surefire) work with different weapons. I suspect both will benefit from faster guns (more Blasts in the limited time the skill is active and more chances of eating up bullets)

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