Hero Passive Skills

Here are all the Hero Passive Skills - some are pending analysis

Hero Skill
Mr. Autofire None
Dr. Toxic Venom - see Fire (and Flamethrower) and Poison
Frostina Snowball
Blazia Wrath
Arctor Freeze
Scorcher Stress Shot
Miasma Absorb
Armorita Gravity Well - slows down projectiles when they are near you
Firebug Fiery Wings
Fursus Iceplosion
Hocus Pocus Clairvoyance - One free perk reroll per run
Hecate Magic Bubble
Jackbot Jackpot
Mortis Plague Cloud
Prospero Magic Bullet
Mrs. Surefire Crowd Control - not evaluated yet
Shiver Cryo Shield - not evaluated yet
Ignus Flame Shield - not evaluated yet
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