Arctor's Freeze

Arctor’s Freeze will activate by the 3rd hit (sometimes earlier), and once the Freeze expires the enemy has immunity. Timing varies by enemy type as follows:

Freeze Time Immunity
Bosses 1 second 10 seconds
Regular 2 seconds 7 seconds


  • Interaction with Ice Shots has not been tested - it’s presumed they each operate on their own timelines
  • If the Boss spawns, the spawned enemies don’t inherit immunity
  • Freeze causes damage of 5% of Loadout Attack (like Ice Shots); and the damage seems to trigger sometimes even without Freezing
  • Freeze does stop ranged enemies from shooting

H/T to @vvntn for this contribution

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If Arctor freezes the ghost boss on world nine, the bombs stop falling from the sky, and you only have to worry about the trailing bombs.

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