Bullet velocity and Fast Shot

The projectiles from different weapons travel at different speeds; illustrated below comparing the time taken to hit the middle of the 3 men in the Badlands boss room when shooting from the bottom left corner [^1] of the screen:

Weapon Time (s)
Laser Rifle 0.50
Blaster 0.74
Looper 0.85
Plasma 0.93
Autogun 0.98
Gemini Laser 1.35
Devastator Not tested yet
Nuclear Lasso Not tested yet

Fast Shots increases the velocity by ~20% and also adds 15% to your Weapon-specific Base Damage


  • The faster the enemy moves, the more likely [^2] it is for a slower bullet to miss (depending also on the direction they are moving in - in the same line as your bullet makes no difference, perpendicular makes a big impact), so the slower your bullets and the faster the enemy, the more helpful it is to take Homing [^3] Shots or Fast Shots
  • The slower the bullet, the more beneficial the Spread Shots + Homing combo becomes; for example the AutoGun can converge like this but the Laser Rifle will not (unless maybe you get SuperHoming):

[^1] The actual corner, not the platform you start the room on
[^2] The bullet size also has an impact - the rifle bolt is long, the Plasma and Gemini projectiles are large; and if you are using Frostina you would get a benefit on all weapons
[^3] If you take homing with the Gemini Laser, the projectiles converge, so while you do get a better hit-chance, you lose the benefit of having the connecting line hit multiple enemies (assuming you had piercing and preferably also bouncing)