Perk Probabilities

Some perks are offered more frequently than others, and the probabilities are roughly as detailed below.

Standard Probability:

Less Common Perks

Chances are around x0.5 to x0.66 compared to the Standard:

  • Blue Perks: Jetpack, Ninja, Fast Learner, Move Speed Up, Treasure Hunter, Haggler, Crafter, Springs, Time Stop
  • Headshot
  • Revenge
  • Power Tripper
  • Combat Medic
  • Triple Barrel (only if you have Double Barrel)
  • Flatulence

More Common Perks

Chances are around x1.5 compared to the Standard:

Rare Perks

Chances are around x0.2 to x0.33 compared to the Standard:

  • Dividing shots (only if you have Chain)
  • Super Homing (only if you have Homing)
  • Croesus (only if you have Hoarder)

Very common Perks

  • Piercing Shots (~x2 chance)
  • Piercing Shrapnel (~x2 change, but only if you have Shrapnel shots)
  • Titan Mode is a near certainty when you have the 3 pre-requisites

Note: These were calculated using a large number of runs in World 9 and 10 only, so they may be somewhat different in Events / Castles / Endless, or in lower worlds. Also the data collection happened over several bursts, so these might be inaccurate if the chances changed over that period (and they might change in the future too)

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