Dependent Perks

There are some perks that only appear if you’ve already taken the pre-requisite perk/s:

Perk Prerequisites Notes Description
AcroCircus Triple Jump Restricted Gives you a “shield” on 3rd jump that can damage enemies, but doesn’t shield you from projectiles or mines/spikes
Croesus Hoarder Adds 1000 coins to your loot and bonus +100% at the end
Dimensional Shots Ghost Shots Restricted Shots that exit the screen reenter from the opposite side once; shot power is reduced
Dividing Shots Chain Shots Rare See Indirect Hits: Piercing, Chain, Dividing, Bouncy Walls and Boomerang
Endless Sidewinders More Sidewinder Restricted See Shrapnel (Shrapnel shots, Sidewinder, Death Shrapnel, Frag Bullets)
Ghost Shots Piercing Shots Restricted No damage reduction for Ghost
Healing Flames Improved Fire Shots Restricted Heal when enemies take Fire damage
Healing Toxins Improved Poison Shots Restricted Heal when enemies take Poison damage
Improved Fire Shots Fire Shots See Fire (and Flamethrower) and Poison
Improved Ice Shots Ice Shots See Ice Shots and Improved Ice Shots
Improved Poison Shots Poison Shots See Fire (and Flamethrower) and Poison
Improved Sustained Fire Sustained Fire Sustained Fire adds 15% speed/sec unto a max of +100%, Improved Sustained Fire adds 25%/sec unto a max of +150%
Improved Power Tripper Power Tripper Power Tripper gives you +45% of Weapon-specific Base Damage, Improved Power Tripper gives 75%
Improved Zap Shots Zap Shots See Zap, Improved Zap and Death Zap
More Sidewinder Sidewinder See Shrapnel (Shrapnel shots, Sidewinder, Death Shrapnel, Frag Bullets)
Piercing Shrapnel Shrapnel Shots See Shrapnel (Shrapnel shots, Sidewinder, Death Shrapnel, Frag Bullets)
Quad Barrel Triple Barrel Restricted Weapon Specific Base Damage is reduced by a further 10% (in total, 50% less than the regular shot)
Shield Ward Safety Bubble Restricted
Super Homing Homing Rare
SuperMagnetism Spread Shots + Vertical Shots + Backshot Rare All your spreads (Upto 3 spread shots, the vertical and the back) converge to your forward shot
Titan Mode Titan Heart + Titan Shield + Titan Armour See Titan Mode
Triple Barrel Double Barrel Gives yet another shot, but damage per hit gets reduced further; from 30% of Weapon-specific Base Damage for Double Barrel to 40% for Triple
Triple Multishot MultiShot Restricted Damage per hit gets reduced by 10% of Weapon-specific Base Damage for Multishot and another 10% for Triple; your shot speed also reduces by ~12.5% (details) to accommodate the extra shot (0.1 seconds after the first shot)


  • Wonder Hunter (also Restricted) does not require Treasure Hunter as a pre-requisite
  • A super perk Fusion shots (instant kill after some number of consecutive shots) briefly appeared and was pulled.

I actually got the perk Croesus with out the prerequisites for it today in endless run ended the run with 100 gems total. It’s an extremely rare perk and I am not geared enough to make it 100+ in endless so my run was short I’m sure compared to what yours would have been. I know for a fact I did not have the prerequisite for it.

If you ended up with gems, it was the Wonder Hunter perk; that doesn’t need prerequisites

I can’t remember now but it was purple, and was either a key or a crown. Also it would be really cool if you put pictures of the perks next to the description, also maybe a list and break down going through all the perks? I know you have a damage simulator but It’s just a concept, like perhaps each perk stacked on top of each other with the actual picture of the perk and then the description and maybe like branches connecting to other perks that go well when stacked together. :thinking:
Thanks again for your time.

At some point I need to write about different perk builds and what stacks (a Perk-Perk interaction post like the Hero-Perk, Hero-Weapon, Weapon-Perk ones) but not sure if I have the patience to do an image gallery :slight_smile:

However, if you are upto it I can upgrade your account’s status so you can create articles

Sure I could give it a try, I’ve never worked with programming or studied/played enough for the analytical part so I’m not sure how much help I’d be, but if you directed me I could start making a list of the perks with pictures I know I could do that much. I’d have to do some research on where to get quality images large enough to see as well as getting used to using the programming on this web thread. But yah brother sure! Maybe we can work together on format concept and I can do imaging and text list then eventually break it down to what pares best with what. So far you have done a really good job with your lists. Honestly I’m disabled and I don’t get much company so I got a lot of free time on my hands and I think it would be fun. Hey I never saw any data on”Heavy Armor” perk is like to see what the % on that is.

yes; shouldn’t be too hard to pick things up - will PM some details.

Heavy Armour is under Defense: Resistance, Armour, Perks