Firebug's Fiery Wings

Firebug Fiery wings adds 30% to the Gun Speed when jumping.


  • It looks like the status (jumping or not jumping) when a shot is fired determines when the next shot is fired - so if you shoot just before landing, then the next shot will still be on the fast timing; but if you jump just after shooting your next shot will be on the slow timing. Timing your jump may be something to consider if you are using a slow weapon (Devastator, Laser Rifle, Gemini Laser or Plasma Cannon)
  • Triple Jump, Jetpack, Springs and Balloon increase the up-time of Fiery wings, but Ninja does not
  • Haven’t checked the timing but expect that dropping off a platform doesn’t trigger the skill because the leg position is different
  • When on vines (Fey Friday / Magic Castle) it seems both leg positions are possible, so the jumping one should activate Fiery wings while the other should activate Time Stop / Sustained Fire if you have them