Frostina's Snowball (draft)

Frostina’s Snowball gives 60-70% more damage if the shot travels the full width of the screen (more if it’s across the diagonal or for an off-screen enemy)

I did some tests on the Winter event and Destroyed World (screen shots rotated so that the distances are comparable); if the same weightage works in the castles she’ll likely be even more useful there as the rooms tend to a lot wider there (need to test and confirm)

The multipliers shown in the image are relative to the simulated damage of the shot.
Note that in the Winter event the piercing shot loses power (x0.6 after first pierce, 0.36 after second)

Taking a conservative figure of 60%, this is how the damage would stack up against a boss in the center of the screen, for a room the same width as the screen, with piercing and bouncy walls if all shots were hitting.

Let’s say the shot that would normally do 1,000 damage

Hit Damage Remarks
1 1,300 30% bonus on 1000 for 0.5 screen width
2 570 1000 after piercing is 600, after bouncing is 300; total travel is 1.5 screens hence 90% bonus
3 450 1000 after pierce/bounce/pierce is 180 (2nd bounce doesn’t reduce power); total travel is 2.5 screens hence 150% bonus
4 558 Power doesn’t reduce after 2nd pierce; total travel is 3.5 screens hence 210% bonus

Total damage is 2,878; so the damage is nearly tripled!

If the snowball effect is based on screen distance, the calculation would be even higher in rooms wider than the screen (need to test and confirm)

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Have you considered that the snowball effect when using the plasma also increases by a percentile? If so does that still make Auto gun and Looper best?

On the first hit, the plasma would do more damage because of the blast; but on subsequent hits (if you’ve got piercing + bouncy) it’s only the base damage that applies so that’s a disadvantage. Whether the extra blast on the initial hit compensates enough is hard to say, in a long endless run (100+), I’d still take the autogun but for players who find it difficult to get to 100 the plasma may be better