Resource: Coins

Coins are the soft currency in the game

Used for:

Obtained from:
In Runs:

  • In runs where coins drop, by clearing rooms (increased by Hoarder and Croesus perks, Metal Detector premium gear and Bean Counter permanent upgrade) - for details on how it works see Earning coins in Runs
  • Note that not all runs drop coins - e.g. Endless Waves doesn’t drop coins because you cannot clear the room; the and the Horde event operates on a different principle (XP and coins increases with time with a cap at 2 minutes)
  • Hidden Treasures
  • Jackbot’s Jackpot
  • Coins earned in runs are boosted by coin bonuses (from the Battle Pass and Player Appreciation days) - details in Earning coins in Runs [Coming Soon]

Outside Runs:

  • Metal/Rare and Gold Crates (and sometimes from Summon Keys)
  • One-time rewards for the Weekend Boss event
  • One time rewards in Castles (lower floors)
  • Rewards (lower level) on Tournament and special events
  • Purchased from the shop