Revenge fires 1 shot which does x11 damage of what a regular forward shot would do
This includes Focus Shots and Blazia’s Wrath (haven’t tested other heroes but presumably Frostina’s Snowball would also apply) and probably Berserk (although I haven’t tested that yet)


  • It is strictly 1 shot - even if you have spread shots, multi shots, double barrel etc.

  • Update (2nd May 2021) - Previously it looked like the penalties for Multishot and MultiBarrel reduced the damage of Revenge, but possibly they tweaked it in 1.8.4 - now the penalty for Double Barrel doesn’t apply to revenge

  • Although the perk description makes it seem that it would be fired at the enemy that damaged you, it actually shoots at whichever enemy you are aiming at (so it works even when the enemy who hurt you is gone, e.g. for the death blast of the green pigs in World 9)

  • As of 1.9, it fires only if you take damage (previously it fired even if you dodged, so it paired nicely with Ninja Garb, Adrenaline and Dodge Master)

  • The benefit seems to apply only to the first enemy it hits - previously I had noticed that if it pierced and hit another enemy there was no bonus and assumed that meant the bonus was only for the first hit

  • Piercing / Bounce penalties apply, e.g.

    • If the shot doesn’t hit directly, but bounces and then hits, the damage is x5.5 (=11*0.5)
    • If the shot hits, pierces, bounces and hits again, the damage is x3.3 (=11*0.6*0.5)
    • If there’s 2 (or more) pierces and a bounce, then a hit will cause x1.98 (=11*0.36*0.5)
  • This is one of the few (maybe the only?) perk in the game that is more useful for a strong/slow weapon like the Rifle

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