Hecate's Magic Bubble

Hecate releases a Magic Bubble every 3.5 seconds that lasts max. 7 seconds


  • The damage dealt by the bubble is equivalent to a Critical shot of a Blaster with the same Loadout Attack of your load out

    • This is easy to observe when using the Blaster - most of the time the bubble damage will be the same as the Critical shots from the Blaster (However, Berserk and Focus Shots will not apply)
    • You can estimate it for your gun by using the Damage Simulator; enter the Loadout Attack value for the weapon you are using but select Blaster as the gun, and then multiply the damage numbers by the Critical factor
    • Critical factor is x2 by default but can be higher (e.g. if you have Hecate at 20)
  • You can ride the bubble

  • The bubble can expire early on absorbing damage (not sure of the limit, but suspect it’s 6 times)

  • The timing restarts when you start the room

  • If there isn’t enough room in front of her, the bubble won’t release

  • It used to be that a rocket exploded by the bubble could hurt you if you are in the blast zone; but this has been fixed (I think in 1.10)

H/T to @vvntn for figuring out most of this entry